November 17, 2011

New York Woman Goes On Naked Rampage - Destroys Chinese Food Restaurant

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Bay Ridge, New York (The Weekly Vice) - A 60-year-old New York woman was arrested last Thursday after she went on a naked rampage inside a Chinese food restaurant. She then ran into the street where hundreds of onlookers got a front row seat to an afternoon of craziness.

According to witnesses, the woman walked by a Third Avenue Chinese food restaurant and took exception with a sign in the window that repeated the words "Free Free Free."

When the store's cashier explained to the woman that the sign didn't mean everything at the restaurant was free, the woman went into full melt down.

Witnesses say the woman stripped off her clothes and became violent as she ran about the store breaking merchandise, answering phones and throwing money across the room.

"This old lady was trashing the place," stated neighboring store owner, Noreen Monier. "I told her to stop and she threw a watermelon at me. She had superhuman strength. She said 'I'll stop when I'm good and ready.'"

Eventually the woman left the restaurant and took her antics out into the street, as motorist honked, cheered or scrambled to capture cell phone images.

That's when the woman laid down on the hood of a car (spread eagle) and flailed her arms and legs about to the shock of onlookers. Some passers-by egged the woman on, even as police officers tried to catch and subdue her.

After attracting the attention of nearly 300 onlookers, the woman went back inside the restaurant, drank a bottle of Snapple and then began destroying more merchandise.

Eventually police officers were able to catch the woman and cover her with a blanket.

Since police have declined to name the woman, it is not known if she will face any charges.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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