November 10, 2011

Kissing Cousins Jailed After Brawling Over The Status Of Their "Relationship"

Hawkins, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - First cousins Erica Wilson, 21, and Jesse Brooks, 32, were jailed Tuesday after Wilson stabbed Brooks multiple times because she was tired of being nothing more than his "booty call."

According to the Hawkins County Sheriffs Office, Wilson stabbed her first cousin several times with a pair of scissors during a brawl that erupted when Wilson wanted a relationship with her cousin and Brooks apparently wanted nothing more than sex.

Investigators say Wilson and Brooks were together drinking Tuesday night when the pair began to argue about the status of their relationship.

During the argument, Brooks reportedly began to touch Wilson in a suggestive manner while stating that "he wanted her."

That's when Wilson reportedly told Brooks that she wanted a relationship with him and didn't want to remain his "booty call."

After being rejected, Brooks allegedly became "irate" and knocked Wilson to the floor. He then proceeded to punch her in the face and neck, according to the arrest report.

Wilson told deputies that she grabbed a pair of scissors to defend herself, however, Brooks attacked her again. In retaliation, Wilson used the scissors to stab Brooks about the face and neck. A short time later she broke free from Brooks and ran outside to call 911.

Both parties were taken into custody because the deputy could not establish who the primary aggressor was.

Wilson and Brooks were booked into the Hawkins County Jail on charges of aggravated domestic assault. Bond has been set at $4,000 each. The couple's arraignment hearing has been set for November 21.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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