November 02, 2011

Joshua Monson - Murder Suspect - Charged With Stabbing Third Lawyer, Must Defend Himself During Trial

Everett, Washington (The Weekly Vice) - Some of you may remember Joshua Monson, the 27-year-old Washington murder suspect who stabbed his lawyer in the neck with a pencil, then proceeded to do the same thing to a replacement lawyer that had been provided to him.

Monson attended his next hearing in a restraint chair - and he was assigned a new attorney, Jesse Cantor.

Now, according to Snohomish County prosecutors, Monson has been charged with stabbing a third lawyer during a felony drug charge hearing on Tuesday.

Following the first two stabbings, the judge in Monson's case ordered that he be restrained for court appearances, however Monson's new attorney opposed the idea. Cantor argued that Monson wouldn't likely get a fair trial if jurors saw him in shackles during the trial.

The court obliged Cantor's request, but fitted Monson with an electronic stun device that could be activated in the event Monson became unruly during the trial.

Jesse Cantor's request to leave his client unrestrained during his court appearance would prove to be a mistake.

Monson reportedly stabbed his attorney with a pen, while jurors were listening to the prosecutor's opening statements.

Witnesses say Monson reached across the defense table, grabbed Cantor's pen and then stabbed him in the head with it. Cantor was not seriously injured in the attack.

Court deputies activated the electric stun device that had been fastened to Monson's leg, however, the device obviously didn't stop Monson in time. Officers quickly jumped into action following the attack, forming a dog pile on top of Monson to restrain him from further attack.

Following Tuesday's attack, the judge in Monson's case ruled that he had forfeited his right to be represented by a lawyer and must now defend himself.

Monson now faces charges for stabbing three attorney's, attacking two guards, a felony drug charge and a second-degree murder charge.

You can read our previous report on this case here.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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