November 08, 2011

Jorge Silva Couldn't Take The Heat - Jailed After Wife Kisses Woman During Planned Threesome

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Naples, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Jorge Daniel Silva, a 22-year-old Naples man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly assaulted his wife during a planned threesome because she kissed another woman.

According to the Collier County Sheriff's Office, Silva convinced his wife to agree to a threesome that involved another woman. Things turned violent, however, when his wife began the encounter by kissing the other woman.

Investigators say Silva became angry and retaliated by striking his wife.

The two women fled the room and locked themselves in another room to escape, however Silva reportedly broke through the door and began repeatedly punching his wife. He then allegedly grabbed a big screen television and struck her with it as well.

When the other woman tried to break up the fight, Silva responded by punching her in the face as well.

Officers arrived on the scene to find Silva's wife covered in blood. Her face was reportedly swollen and officers believe she suffered a broken nose during the confrontation.

He then hit her with a big screen television. The other woman attempted to break up the fight, but Silva punched her as well. Officers were called to the scene. When they arrived, The victim was covered in blood and her face was swollen. Officers believe she may have had a broken nose.

Investigators say Silva blamed his wife for the brawl, stating that she attacked him first. He then reportedly changed his story and admitted to becoming jealous when he saw his wife kiss the other woman.

He claimed that he broke down the door because he believed that the women were having sexual relations without him. All three adults had been drinking prior to the incident.

Silva was booked into jail on felony battery charges. He remained jailed as of Monday.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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