November 01, 2011

Jeffrey Bowers Couldn't Stand The Competition - Jailed After Assaulting Girlfriend Over Sex Toy

Bonita Springs, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Jeffrey L. Bowers, a 53-year-old Bonita Springs man was jailed Monday after he allegedly because she woke him up while she was playing with a sex toy in bed.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Bowers asked his girlfriend to come over and make dinner for him. She agreed, and so he picked her up and brought her back to his residence. All went well for the most part, until the couple retired for the evening.

Things turned violent, however, when Bowers was awaken during the night by the sounds of his girlfriend who was reportedly playing with a sex toy.

Investigators say Bowers grabbed the woman by the hair and dragged her through the house. He then reportedly kicked the woman in the face and pushed her out of the house through the back door.

When police arrived on the scene, officers found the victim standing in the front yard begging for her belongings. She had bruises on her arms and a swollen eye.

Bowers was booked into jail and charged with battery.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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