November 09, 2011

David Cruz Forgot His Dying Friend, But Didn't Forget The Beer

Houston, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - David Cruz, a 20-year-old Houston man was jailed after he allegedly crashed his vehicle, then left his friends injured and dying in the car as he grabbed his beer and fled the scene.

According to Houston police, Cruz was driving his vehicle Halloween night with three of his friends riding along.

At some point in the evening, Cruz allegedly crashed the vehicle, but continued to drive another two miles until it could go no further.

Two of his friends were injured and bleeding from the crash, but remained conscious. A third friend, however, was seriously injured and knocked unconscious during the accident.

Investigators say the passengers who were conscious watched as Cruz grabbed four beers out of the wrecked vehicle and fled the scene leaving all injured parties behind.

Cruz fled to a friend's apartment where witnesses say he changed clothes and told them about the accident. Cruz neglected to call 911 or convey to anyone that his friends had been seriously injured.

A passenger who had been left behind in the vehicle used a cell phone to call his mother who called 911. Emergency responders arrived on scene and transported the three friends to a nearby hospital.

Anthony Story, the passenger with the most serious injuries, died at the hospital.

Cruz was booked into the Harris County Jail and charged with failure to stop and render aid. He is being held in lieu of $30,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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loug1966 said...

Wait, hold on...... call mama before 911? How many idiots was this story written about??

Anonymous said...

Isn't leaving the scene of an accident that results in Death a Felony??

Anonymous said...

OH HECKS NO! I guess that's why they said keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but then again...WHO CAN YOU TRUST?

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