November 16, 2011

Christy Wilt And Kelly Chaffins - Teachers Caught On Tape Repeatedly Bullying Special Needs Student

Christy Wilt (left) - Kelly Chaffins (right)

Bloomingburg, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Miami Trace Middle School teachers Christy Wilt, 30, and Kelly Chaffins, 46, are in hot water after they were allegedly caught on tape bullying a 14-year-old special needs student.

An Ohio couple raising a 14-year-old mentally disabled girl were saddened when their daughter came home night after night complaining that she was being insulted and harassed by her teachers. So the couple contacted school administrators hoping to resolve the conflict.

Instead, according to the girl's parents, Miami Trace Superintendent Dan Roberts chided the girl's parents over email, stating that there was "absolutely no truth" to the allegations and that their complaints were "bordering on slander and harassment."

School administrators insisted repeatedly that the girl was "lying" and subsequently dismissed their concerns.

Frustrated by the response, the girl's parents attached a small tape recorder to their child and sent her to school. The student wore the device - hidden underneath her clothes - for the next four days so her parents could get a better handle on what was being said.

The idea proved to be both enlightening and infuriating.

During the taped recordings, class teacher Christie Wilt and her assistant Kelly Chaffins were caught harassing, insulting and bullying the student - and now the content of those tapes have been released to the public.

In the recordings, Chaffins allegedly asked the teen why she did not know the answer to a question. When the girl answered that she didn't know why, Chaffins allegedly responded "Are you kidding me? Are you that dumb? You are that dumb? Oh my God, you are such a liar. No wonder you don't have any friends. No wonder nobody likes you."

In another instance Chaffins allegedly asked the student "Don't you want to do something about that belly?" When the girl responded "Yes", Chaffins reportedly responded with "Well, evidently you don't because you don't do anything at home.... you sit at home and watch TV."

On another occasion after Chaffins learned that the girl's parents have contacted school administrators, Chaffins told the student "They are ridiculous... well you know what? They are liars raising a liar."

At that point Wilt chimed into the conversation, stating "They are manipulators."

On yet another occasion, according to the girl's parents, the teachers forced the teen to run on a treadmill for 15 minutes after getting a question wrong. Chaffins is reportedly heard on the tape yelling at the teen while she runs.

The school responded to the treadmill issue by stating the treadmill was placed into the classroom to help students "refocus" rather than punish them.

Confronted by a local reporter, Superintendent Dan Roberts insisted "When we found audio proof, we acted immediately." The outrage continues, however, because one of the accused teachers was allowed to keep her job.

Chaffins, who had worked for the district since 2008, was asked to resign once her comments became public.

Wilt, however, was placed on probation and will be required to attend an 8 hour class on child abuse and bullying.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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