November 07, 2011

Angelina Omara Ended Her Love Life With Two Bullets - Jailed After Ex-Husband And Boyfriend Found Dead With Gunshots To The Head

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Sauk Rapids, Minn. (The Weekly Vice) - Angelina Omara, a 38-year-old Minnesota woman was jailed after her ex-husband and boyfriend are both found dead with gunshot wounds to the head.

According to Sauk Rapids police, an investigation was launched Tuesday after residents of a local apartment complex complained about a noxious odor that permeated the building.

When police arrived to investigate, they found the body of James Omara, who had been the victim of an apparent gunshot to the head.

Investigators say several clues and eyewitness accounts placed his wife, Angelina Omara, at or near his apartment around the time of the murder.

A neighbor reported seeing Angelina Omara at her ex-husband's apartment on Saturday. Omara, who was holding a Burger King sack at the time, asked the neighbor for a butter knife in order to break into James Omara's apartment. Omara told the neighbor that she wanted to surprise James with breakfast.

Police found the Burger King bag inside the apartment next to James Omara's body.

Detectives tracked Angelina Omara to a hotel where she and her new boyfriend were believed to be staying.

When investigators entered the couple's motel room, they discovered Omara's boyfriend, Michael Pies, dead from an apparent gunshot to the head.

Police say both victims were discovered dead with similar gunshots to the head - and both were found beneath a pile of pillows.

Omara was arrested on Thursday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota after local police spotted her vehicle at a local truck stop and made the arrest. She is currently incarcerated in a South Dakota jail awaiting extradition back to Minnesota.

She faces second-degree murder charges in Benton County for the murder of her ex-husband. Charges have not yet been filed for the murder of Michael Pies.

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