October 12, 2011

Toni Jo Silvey - Jailed After Stalking Ex-Boyfriend Like A Woman Possessed

Toni Silvey's woundedpoeticsoul Blog
Toni Silvey's "therealpetermain" blog

Houston, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Toni Jo Silvey, a 49-year-old Texas woman was jailed after she allegedly stalked her ex-boyfriend nearly to insanity - logging more than 1000 phone calls and 712 emails to him over a 90 day period.

Toni Jo Silvey took the breakup hard. Police say she was so angry with her ex-boyfriend, that she began a campaign of stalking that included thousands of phone calls, hundreds of emails, an entire blog devoted to his demise and repeated vandalism of his home.

According to Houston police, Silvey repeatedly vandalized her ex-boyfriend's home by smashing windows with a tire iron, attacking his home with a 5-foot-sword and crashing her SUV into his car - causing his vehicle to crash into his home.

Silvey also reportedly egged the victim's home on several occasions and then bragged about the attacks on her Facebook profile.

The damage to the victim's home was estimated at about $1,700, however, that was just the beginning.

Investigators say Silvey also stalked her ex through phone calls and email. Between June 14, 2011 and September 5, 2011, Silvey called the victim more than 1000 times and sent him more than 700 emails.

On a single day in August, Silvey reportedly called her ex-boyfriend 146 times.

She also began to blog about the victim, using the name "woundedpoeticsoul." Silvey began her blog with a post that read "and for you (Peter) the fun is just beginning....you always adored my writing...let's see how that goes, shall we?

In a police interview, Silvey reportedly told the detectives to "read my blog, read my blog, it's all there." Police read the blog and noted its contents as evidence.

As if that weren't enough, Silvey went on to harass Main by posting stories about him on various revenge sites like www.reportyourex.com and www.reportyourex.com. When that wasn't enough, she created a new blog that outlined the couple's entire relationship and downfall.

The victim, 62-year-old leather artist Peter Main, told police that he dated Silvey briefly in 2009 and had been reluctant to file charges against her because he was afraid of angering her further.

Silvey was booked into jail on a charge of felony stalking.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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