October 27, 2011

Tisha Conklin Refused To Trade Her Sexy Referee Costume For Prison Blue

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Bloomfield, Mich. (The Weekly Vice) - Tisha Conklin, a 37-year-old Michigan woman was jailed Sunday after what started as a simple traffic stop soon turned into a sexy referee brawl with police officers.

According to police, Conklin was headed home from a Halloween party early Sunday morning when a police officer noticed her 1998 Jeep Cherokee swerving in its lane and following another vehicle too closely.

After stopping the vehicle, Conklin reportedly stepped out of the vehicle wearing a "Sexy Referee" costume she had worn to the party.

Officers performed a roadside sobriety test that registered her blood alcohol content at .17 - more than twice the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in Michigan.

Investigators say Conklin was brought to the police station for booking and was asked to change out of her outfit into something that was more jail-appropriate. Conklin agreed to the request and went into the restroom to change.

While inside the restroom, Conklin apparently changed her mind and decided that she would rather fight than trade her sexy referee outfit for prison scrubs. That's when Conklin reportedly exited the restroom and began swinging at a female officer who was waiting outside the door.

"She started swinging at the officer, blows were exchanged and the officer got hit in the face," stated the arrest affidavit.

After officers subdued Conklin, she was charged with driving while intoxicated and assaulting a police officer. Conklins blood-alcohol level was high enough to qualify her as 'super drunk' under Michigan law. The DWI upgrade means Conklin will face up to 90 days in jail and a possible $700 fine.

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