October 30, 2011

Susan Hendricks - Charged With Murdering Entire Family For Life Insurance Payout

Columbia, S.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Susan Hendricks, a 48-year-old South Carolina woman faces four counts of murder after she allegedly shot and killed her two sons, her ex-husband and her stepmother because she wanted to collect on their life insurance policies.

According to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office, Hendricks murdered four family members and then tried to make it look like her son was the killer.

Investigators say the shootings occurred where the family members lived in two adjacent homes just outside of Liberty, South Carolina.

Hendricks reportedly shot her son, 23-year-old Mathew Hendricks, as he slept in a bed. She then shot her stepmother, 64-year-old Ann Burns.

She then reportedly went next door and shot her ex-husband, 52-year-old Mark Hendricks, and her younger son, 20-year-old Marshall Hendricks. Both Mark And Marshall Hendricks were shot in the chest.

When deputies arrived on the scene and found Susan Hendricks inside one of the homes, she initially told investigators that her youngest son had been using drugs and was suicidal.

A gun was found on the young man's chest along with a suicide note, however, investigators concluded that Susan Hendricks had forged the note and set the gun on her son's chest to frame him for the murders.

"Her statements were inconsistent with the scientific and forensic evidence," stated County Solicitor, Walt Wilkins.

Prosecutors say Hendricks took out a hefty life insurance policy on each of the victims and then listed herself as the beneficiary of all four policies. The exact dollar amount of the policies were not released.

Susan Hendricks was jailed Monday on four counts of murder and four counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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loug1966 said...

I am sure many strangers would have chipped in had the insurance money been intended for a total hair to toe make over. Crazy ugly skank.

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