October 30, 2011

Sean Faulkner - Jailed After Stealing Sandwich, Using Forklift As Get-Away Vehicle

Ross Township, Pa. (The Weekly Vice) - Sean Faulkner, a 38-year-old Pennsylvania man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly stole a sandwich and then fled the scene in a forklift.

According to police, Faulkner reportedly drove a forklift down to Sieb's Pub, ordered a Reuben sandwich, and then fled the restaurant in a forklift without paying for his food.

Investigators say Faulkner was walking towards the restaurant when he apparently noticed a forklift parked near a construction site with the keys left in it.

For reasons that are still a little unclear, Faulkner reportedly hopped into the forklift and drove it to a parking lot that was adjacent to the restaurant. He then entered the restaurant, ordered a sandwich and promptly left without paying for it. He then hopped back into the forklift and made a NOT so speedy getaway.

Officers found Faulkner a short time later sitting in the forklift finishing his sandwich. He reportedly told officers that he was "tired of walking" and admitted to stealing the sandwich.

Faulkner was charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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