October 26, 2011

Natasha Dignum - Serial Crotch Grabber Jailed After Robbing Man With Cerebral Pasly

Manchester, England (The Weekly Vice) - Natasha Dignum, a 30-year-old UK woman was sentenced to four years in prison after she used a unique method to rob several male victims. Grabbing their testicles and squeezing while she robbed them blind.

According to Manchester Crown Court prosecutors, Dignum robbed her final victim the same way she had robbed others. Rendering them incapacitated by squeezing their testicles and then threatening to stab them with a hypodermic needle.

Investigators say Dignum's arrest came shortly after she attacked a 35-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer who had just withdrawn $90 from a local ATM machine. The incident was captured by CCTV cameras.

Dignum reportedly approached the man and asked him for spare change. When the man stated that he didn't have any change, Dignum reportedly grabbed him by the testicles and squeezed while proceeding to rifle through his pockets for the $90 he had just withdrawn.

"I have a needle in my pocket.... If you shout, I will use it," she told the man, who was already in enough agony.

When Dignum released the man's genitals to walk away, he managed to grab back a portion of his money. Dignum ran off with the rest.

Dignum, who had been convicted four times prior for similar offenses, admitted to the charges and stated that she was a victim of drug addiction.

The victim told the court how the robbery affected his relationship with his wife and ended his love-life with her. He also testified that he was upset that his cerebral palsy made it difficult to defend himself, and has since become a recluse in his home.

Below is the actual CCTV recording of the robbery

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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