October 17, 2011

Michael Kaufman Fled The Wal-Mart, Leaving His Children Behind. Kelsey Grobmeier Forgot To Dump Her Stash

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Louisville, Kentucky (The Weekly Vice) - Michael S. Kaufman, 20, and Kelsey Grobmeier, 19, were jailed after swiping several items from a local Wal-Mart and then attempting to flee, leaving children behind.

According to police, Kaufman and Grobeier entered a Louisville Wal-Mart with their two children (ages 18 mos and 3-years-old), and began shoplifting several items.

Kaufman reportedly tried to leave the store with a cell phone that he had ripped from it's package. He also reportedly tried to leave with a tablet PC, but reportedly smashed that tablet's screen in the process.

When store security attempted to stop Kaufman, Kaufman fled the store leaving his two small children behind.

When Grobeier approached store security officers to get her children back, officers noticed that she had hidden several make-up items under a child safety seat.

Kaufman and Grobeier were booked into jail on charges of theft, criminal trespassing, tampering with physical evidence and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Reportedly, Kaufman had been caught shoplifting at the store a few months prior and was told not to return to the property.

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loug1966 said...

See kids, this is where you end up when you have kids (or get knocked up) at 15.... this site. You have to test to drive but anyone can breed except grounded, established, well off gay couples. Gotta love the USA. Food stamps, section 8 for uneducated morons w/ 5 kids, 9 potential dads but gays cant adopt (easily)......

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