October 26, 2011

Maria Topp - UK Woman Facing "Possible" Jail Time After Biting Off Man's Testicles


Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (The Weekly Vice) - Maria Topp, a 44-year-old UK woman faces possible jail time after she allegedly bit off her boyfriend's testicles during a drunken brawl.

According to Newcastle Crown Court prosecutors, Topp bit off her boyfriend's testicles during a drunken 4 a.m. brawl at his home in mid February of this year.

Investigators say the victim, 45-year-old Martin Douglas, had been in a relationship with Topp for five years prior to the incident.

On a drunken night on February 18, Topp allegedly used her teeth to rip apart Mr. Douglas' scrotum. The injured scrotum required 19 stitches to re-attach, according to prosecutors.

Topp's attorney told the court that his client was on her back with the victim straddling her when the incident occurred, however Topp also claims that she was too intoxicated to remember what exactly happened.

Topp, who currently resides in Wrekenton, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of causing grievous bodily harm. The court advised Topp that she "might" receive jail time during sentencing.

Sentencing has been scheduled for November 11. She has been released on bail pending the outcome of the hearing.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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