October 18, 2011

Larissa Yarham - Jailed After Repeatedly Stabbing Pregnant Woman In Face

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Croydon, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Larissa Yarham, a 27-year-old UK woman has been sentenced to six years in jail after she repeatedly stabbed a pregnant woman in the face.

According to Croydon Court prosecutors, a fight between Yarham and her ex-boyfriend's new friend turned bloody.... it ended when Yarham stabbed the woman 12 times in the face and neck.

Investigators say the dispute began when Yarham invited her former boyfriend to a local pub last July to discuss financial matters. Yarham and her sister were both irritated when the ex-boyfriend, Mark Williams, arrived at the pub with female friend, Jessica Dove.

Jessica Dove was reportedly 18 weeks pregnant at the time.

An argument between Yarham and Williams became heated when Williams stormed out of the pub, taking his friend, Jessica Dove, with him.

Yarham followed Williams and Dove out of the pub towards a car park. That's when Yarham began to argue with Dove.

The argument turned physical between the women, beginning with both pulling each other's hair. At some point during the confrontation, Yarham picked up a piece of glass and began stabbing Dove about the face and head. The stabbing continued until the woman suffered at least 12 wounds to her face, neck, scalp and breast.

Paramedics arrived and treated the woman for multiple serious stab wounds. A passerby reported hearing Dove scream as paramedics attended her wounds. She would later receive at least 20 stitches to her face and neck. Another passerby said: "It looked a bit like a horror movie. I had a look and noticed there was blood everywhere.

Yarham, mother of two children and pregnant with a third child, showed no emotion as the judge chided her for her actions and then sentenced her to six months in jail.

"Your victim suffered grave injury for which she will be permanently scarred," stated the judge.

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