October 18, 2011

Kimberly Lawson - Jailed After Repeatedly Having Sex With Dog In Neighbor's Yard

Memphis, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Kimberly Lawson, a 40-year-old Memphis man was jailed after he allegedly had sex with a German Shepherd named Adam.

According to Memphis Police, officers were dispatched after witnesses saw Lawson having sex with a woman's dog a reported what they saw.

Investigators say witnesses watched as Lawson pulled down his pants, got down on his knees and allowed the dog to "mount" him.

Witnesses told police they saw Lawson allow himself to be mounted by the dog at least three times within an hour's time. The alleged assault reportedly took place in the dog owner's yard.

"We wouldn't have thought that somebody, I am just going to say it, raping my dog cause that's what he did. I had to tell Adam he didn't do anything wrong. The man did something wrong," said the dog's owner, Caroline Morris.

Morris stated that she believes the sexual abuse has continued for nearly a month because Adam has been acting strange.

Lawson was booked into jail on a charge of criminal offense against an animal.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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