October 03, 2011

James Kirman And Rachel Drinkell - Jailed After Forcing Spider Into Screaming Toddler's Mouth, Burning Baby With Radiator

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Grimsby, Humberside - UK (The Weekly Vice) - James Kirman, 31, and Rachel Drinkell, 24, have been jailed after they allegedly forced a spider into a toddler's mouth, and laughed as they video recorded the abuse.

According to Grimbsy Crown Court testimony, Kirman and Drinkell were jailed following a string of abuses that the couple committed against a toddler and a baby.

Prosecutors showed a video to the jury which showed the couple holding down a screaming toddler as they forced a spider into the child's mouth. The couple also filmed each other sounding an air horn into the ear of a baby. The couple celebrated by having sex in front of both children, giggling and laughing as they carried out each abuse.

Investigators became aware of the abuse when the couple forced the toddler to hold the baby against a burning hot radiator. The baby suffered severe burns, which was noticed by a paramedic who was alarmed that the couple hadn't sought medical care for the child.

Expert witnesses testified at trial that both children suffered psychological affects from their ordeal. Relatives of the family wept in court as prosecutors played each video.

Kirman and Drinkell both pleaded guilty to child cruelty and were both sentenced to 32 months in jail.

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Just 32 friggen months in jail for torturing two small children. That's the UK for ya. We assure everyone, they'll get a lot longer than 32 months on The Weekly Vice.

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The Weekly Vice

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