October 13, 2011

Faces Of Meth - Weekly Vice Edition

(The Weekly Vice) - One project that I've been meaning to get started on for quite awhile now is a compilation of before and after meth-face mugshots. You may have seen a few of these before on various ad campaigns, billboards or websites. We wanted to improve on that by putting together a more comprehensive list.

We've profiled hundreds of mugshots that show obvious meth use - however these particular photos are confirmed cases of meth abuse and addiction (not speculative).

The point of this post is obvious. Unless you want your face to look like it was yanked into a wood chipper, meth is probably not the drug for you.

Some of the meth-face comparisons here show facial deterioration over a few years time. Many of these comparisons, however, occurred after just a few months of meth use.

We considered adding in a few meth-mouth photos, but we don't want to upset anyone's lunch. A meth addict's dry-mouth and strong craving for sugar products results in some truly horrific photos of rotting teeth. The lack of saliva mixed with a meth user's sugar addiction creates an intense breeding ground for bacteria. If you'd like to see the result of that combination, just Google "Meth Mouth" and click on "Image Search."

We'd like to thank the Multnoma County Sheriffs Office in Portland, Oregon for providing many of these mugshots.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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