October 06, 2011

Dennis Quilaton - Jailed After Little Girl Crawls From Shallow Grave, Reports Rape And Attempted Murder

Cotabato City, Philippines (The Weekly Vice) - Dennis Quilaton, a 21-year-old Philippines man, was jailed after the 10-year-old girl he allegedly raped and then buried in a shallow grave dug her way out and returned to hold him accountable for his crime.

According to Police, Quilaton raped his 10-year-old cousin, knocked her unconscious with a hard object and then buried her body in a shallow grave.

Imagine his surprise when the young girl regained consciousness, dug her way out of that grave, and returned home to report what had happened.

Investigators say Quilaton abducted his young cousin Sunday morning, struck her over the head with a hard object and then took her to a grassy area near their home where he sexually assaulted her.

Although the girl struggled to break free, Quilaton reportedly struck the girl repeatedly until she fell unconscious.

Thinking the girl was dead, Quilaton then buried the girl in a grave and fled the scene.

"Miraculously, she regained consciousness, woke up and crawled until she reached a house and sought help," said the little girl's father.

Following intense community pressure, the teen surrendered to a relative at about 11:30 Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors are expected to announce charges of rape and attempted murder, according to the family.

"I can't accept what he did to my daughter," said the girl's father. "He deserves to be imprisoned forever."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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