October 25, 2011

Caid Nobles Doesn't Know When To Shut Up

Caid Nobles Booking Report

Myrtle Beach, S.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Caid Nobles, a 29-year-old Florida man was jailed after he allegedly tried to offer a police officer a prostitute, then tried to cover up his actions by stating he was simply trying to roll a joint.

According to the Horry County Sheriffs Office, an officer was on patrol when he saw Nobles standing at the end of a driveway jumping up and down and waving a flashlight.

When the officer stopped to check on Nobles, Nobles asked if the officer was "looking for a girl."

When the officer replied "maybe", Nobles proceeded to advertise that he had a room inside the house with a "clean bed and a clean girl with plenty of condoms."

The officer asked Nobles how much the act would cost, by which Nobles replied $50.

Investigators say Nobles suddenly realized that he was talking to an undercover officer and quickly changed his story, saying he was "just joking."

Nobles then went on to say that he had intended to ask for a cigar so he could roll a joint, according to the arrest report.

Nobles was booked into the Reuben Long Detention Center and charged with prostitution. He remains incarcerated on a $350 bond. The woman inside the home was not charged (and apparently not interested in bailing him out).

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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