October 02, 2011

Amy Blose - Jailed After Delivering "Love Burrito" To 13-Year-Old Boy

Amy Blose MySpace

Norman, Oklahoma (The Weekly Vice) - Amy Blose, a 37-year-old Oklahoma woman accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy is back in jail after she allegedly violated the terms of her probation by contacting the alleged victim.

According to Cleveland County prosecutors, Blose was arrested Friday after she allegedly hid a note inside a burrito and asked another teenager to take it to the boy she had engaged in a sexual relationship with.

When Blose was granted bail, she was ordered to not have contact with the victim or any other children besides her own. Sending the boy a note would constitute a violation of the terms of her bail.

Investigators say Blose tucked a note inside a burrito and asked a 15-year-old girl to deliver it to the boy. According to the girl's testimony, the note allegedly stated "Hey, babe, I'll love you forever."

At the completion of testimony, Judge Michael Tupper ordered Blose to be held without bail pending a preliminary hearing that has been scheduled for Nov. 11.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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