October 25, 2011

Alexandrea Brooks Shoplifts In Bulk - Charged With Stealing 26 Boxes Of Trojan Condoms And A Digital Ovulation Test

Cobb County, Georgia (The Weekly Vice) - Alexandrea Brooks of Cobb County, Georgia was jailed Thursday after she allegedly stole 26 boxes of condoms, baby wipes, and an ovulation test from a local Walgreen's store.

According to the Cobb County Sheriff's Office, Brooks walked into an area Walgreens store, grabbed a shopping basket and began filling it with a curious assortment of different items that she planned to steal.

The alleged stolen items included: 26 boxes of Trojan condoms, , a package of Huggies baby wipes, a package of Walgreen's organic cotton balls, and a First Response Digital Ovulation test kit.

Investigators say after collecting the merchandise, worth $562.68, Brooks ran out of the store without paying for the items. She then got into a vehicle and fled the scene.

Walgreen's employees were able to give police a description and tag number of the vehicle. Detectives tracked down the owner of the car, who provided police information about Brooks' possible whereabouts. Police later found and apprehended her.

Brooks was booked into jail and charged with shoplifting.

According to court records, Brooks is no stranger to law enforcement.

She was previously charged with shoplifting after stealing 9 bottles of Oil of Olay from a local CVS store. In 2009, she was arrested after headbutting a man, causing injuries to his face and nose.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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