September 21, 2011

Three Assclowns Dressed Like Women Shoplift At Fabric Store - Stolen Items Include Butt Pads, Animal Print Tights And Fake Eyelashes

Orlando, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Renford Patterson, Antonio Webb and Demitri Marsh have been jailed after they allegedly dressed up like women, went to a fabric store and shoplifted several items that included butt pads, animal print tights, women's eyelashes and black-laced gloves.

According to police, the men entered a Jo-Ann Fabrics store in Orlando wearing wigs and dresses.

A clerk on duty watched Webb (dressed in a white knit skirt) remove merchandise from the display shelf and place them into his handbag. Black fishnet tights, animal print tights, green glitter tights and women's fake eyelashes were among the items later found in his bag.

The clerk also saw Patterson take several packs of colored feathers, black-laced gloves, a package of butt pads, costume glasses, bandannas and a bra. The estimated cost of the stolen merchandise was $780.

Investigators say all three men fled the store when the clerk attempted to confront them. All except for Marsh, who threatened to beat and cut the woman before he fled.

Police arrested the men after locating their vehicle behind a nearby business. The merchandise that the men had stolen was recovered at the scene.

Webb and Patterson have prior arrests in Orange County, Florida. Webb was arrested in 2007 for carjacking, robbery and grand theft auto.

Patterson was arrested in January of this year for robbery, burglary, battery, theft and resist merchandise recovery. He was also charged with aggravated battery in April.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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