September 22, 2011

Pregnant Teen Dies After Mother Allegedly Tells Her to Hide Drugs Inside Her Vagina. Unborn Child Also Dead

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Murray County, Georgia (The Weekly Vice) - April Flood, a Murray County woman is under investigation after she allegedly asked her pregnant daughter to hide methamphetamine inside her vagina, which investigators believe likely killed her.

According to the Murray County Sheriff's Office, 19-year-old Megan Long was with her mother, April Flood, and her boyfriend, Eddie Duke, Thursday when they were stopped by police.

During the stop, Flood allegedly handed her pregnant daughter a bag of methamphetamine and told her to hide the drug inside her vagina.

Investigators say when Long returned to her home and attempted to remove the drugs, nothing came out except for the bag. Megan Long reportedly absorbed up to 7 grams of meth into her body.

Family members say Long began having convulsions and was rushed to a local hospital, where she went into cardiac arrest shortly after arrival. Doctors tried to save her unborn child, but it passed away two days later. Long died the day after she lost her child. An investigation is under way to determine her exact cause of death.

Flood denies ever asking her daughter to hide drugs inside her vagina. She stated that the drugs belonged to the victim's boyfriend, Eddie Duke, who disappeared after Long's death.

Duke was the one who had called 9-11 after Long began convulsing, and he told the dispatchers he had no idea how much meth was in her system. Long's father stated that Flood admitted to the allegations.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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