September 06, 2011

Marshall Sheldon Done Made Mama Mad - Charged With Raping Teen Who Attempted To Steal Scrap Metal

Northbend, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Marshall Sheldon, a 59-year-old Ohio man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly raped a teenage girl - and then called police when the teen and her mother returned to raise some hell over the assault.

According to police, Sheldon sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl who he caught attempting to steal scrap metal on a property he was charged with supervising.

Sheldon, who lives on the property inside a converted greyhound bus, gave the girl an ultimatum - have sex with him or he would turn her over to the police.

When Sheldon began unbuttoning the girl's pants, she resisted, so he gave her the additional option of performing oral sex on him. Fearing arrest, the girl complied with his demands and left the premises.

A short time later the girl returned with her mother in a silver Ford Taurus - and mama was not very happy with Sheldon.

Investigators say the teen and her mother arrived armed with tools with Sheldon's name on them. Sheldon locked himself inside the bus and called police.

"They are busting the windows out of the bus," Sheldon cried to police dispatchers. "They are beating the bus down all around."

Police arrived a short time later, and upon hearing all sides of the story, took Sheldon into custody.

Sheldon was booked into the Hamilton County Jail on a charge of felony rape. He is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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