September 15, 2011

John Granat - Teen Charged With Bludgeoning Parents To Death With Hammer After They Took Away His Pot Plants

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Chicago, Ill (The Weekly Vice) - John Granat, a 17-year-old Chicago area teen has been charged with murder after he allegedly bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer because they took away his marijuana stash.

According to the Cook County Sheriff's Office, deputies dispatched to the family's home discovered John and Maria Granat (44 and 42 respectively) bludgeoned to death in their bed, with blood spatter covering the room from ceiling to floor.

Investigators say John (the son) became enraged when his parents discovered his stash of pot plants inside the home and threw them away.

Granat reportedly told his classmates at school that he wanted to kill his parents for what they had done.

In retaliation, Granat allegedly attacked his parents while they were sleeping - beating his father so severely, he suffered a broken jaw, shattered teeth and a lacerated kidney. Maria Granat was found on the couple's bed in a pool of blood after she had been stabbed repeatedly.

"When you enter (the bedroom) it was almost like entering another world," said Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart. "From the nature of the wounds and the nature of the blood, there was a lot of violence in that room."

Following the attack, Granat allegedly fled the residence and called 911 to report that his parents had been murdered.

He reportedly told police that he had been sleeping in the basement when he walked up to his parents room and found them murdered. But investigators found no sign of forced entry to the home and John Granat provided details that later proved to be misleading.

For example, Granat told police that he had fallen asleep in the family's basement. Police records, however, indicate that he had been stopped at 5:17 a.m. that morning for a broken tail light. He also had been sleeping in his car following the murder, according to the arrest affidavit.

Granat was booked into a hospital at the Cook County Jail.

Members of Granat's extended family have hired an attorney to defend against the charges. 17 aunts and uncles attended Granat's initial court hearing.

"The reason they're here is because they believe in their nephew's innocence. That speaks to their confidence that their nephew didn't do this," said family attorney, Rick Beuke.

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