September 25, 2011

Doctors Remove Safety-Pin From Inside Man's Penis - Man Admits To Masturbating With It

Ghana, W. Africa (The Weekly Vice) - Doctors at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Ghana successfully removed a 12-centimeter safety-pin from a man's penis Saturday, according to hospital officials.

A four-member team that included two doctors, an anaesthesiologist and a nurse used a surgical procedure known as an 'open ureterolithotomy' to carefully remove a safety-pin that had become embedded inside the 32-year-old man's Urethra.

Lead surgeon, Dr. Akis Afoko, said that the surgery lasted approximately 30 minutes. He also stated that in order for the man's wounds to heal quickly, urine passage would be diverted for a few days.

When doctors asked the man how a safety-pin managed to find its way inside his penis, he initially said the object must have been fixed somehow in his bed sheets. Pressed further for a more accurate explanation, the man eventually admitted that he used the pin to masturbate with.

Doctors say the process of masturbating with the pin caused it to move further inside the urethra, close to the man's bladder. When the man tried to remove the pin, its sharp point apparently became embedded in the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Afoko went on to caution against the use of objects inside the penis, pointing out that the practice could render a patient impotent if the injury is not properly treated.

Doctors also discovered that the patient is suffering from a psychological disorder that will also be treated.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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