September 12, 2011

Contessa Griffin Had A $3,000 Vagina - Pulls Out 77 Grams Of Crack Cocaine After Cops Set Up Body Cavity Search

Guntersville, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - Contessa Griffin, a 28-year-old Alabama woman was jailed after she allegedly tried to sneak 77 grams of cocaine into jail.

According to police, officers attempted to pull Griffin's car over Wednesday night for a routine traffic stop. When officers activated their patrol car's emergency lights, Griffin reportedly punched the gas.

After a short chase, Griffin's vehicle was stopped and she was arrested and charged for eluding a police officer and reckless endangerment.

During the arrest, police suspected that Griffin might be hiding drugs and took her to Marshall Medical Center North so that doctors could complete a body cavity search.

Rather than submit to the search, Griffin admitted to hiding drugs inside her vagina. That's when she promptly removed 77 grams of crack cocaine from her vagina. Investigators estimated the street value of the cocaine at $3,000.

Griffin was booked into jail on an additional charge of trafficking crack cocaine. Her arraignment hearing has been set for Friday.

Griffin's husband, Corey Griffin, was arrested Tuesday on three federal indictments for trafficking cocaine and conspiracy to commit distribution of crack cocaine.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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