September 11, 2011

290 Pound Man Sues White Castle After Belly Fails To Fit Into Booth

Nanuet, New York (The Weekly Vice) - Martin Kessman, a 64-year-old obese New York man is suing White Castle, claiming that the company is violating his rights to provide booths that are big enough to accommodate his larger size.

According to the lawsuit, the 290 pound man, reportedly visited a local White Castle in April of 2009. When he tried to sit in a booth, he smacked his knee on a metal support while attempting to squeeze into the chair.

Unable to fit into the booth and with no other seating in the restaurant for him to sit in, he walked out of the restaurant and filed a complaint with corporate headquarters.

The lawsuit alleges that Kessman was sent several responses to his complaints, offering him coupons free plain hamburgers with no cheese and promising that the seating situation will be modified to accomodate larger people.

The company, according to Kessman, even sent diagrams to him that showed how the restaurant planned to enlarge its booths.

Kessman filed his lawsuit after seeing that the restaurant had not modified its seating arrangements over a 2 1/2 year period. He is demanding larger booths and unspecified damages.

A White Castle spokeswoman stated that Kessman could have asked the staff for a regular chair, and he would have received it.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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