August 09, 2011

Zakia Brodnax - Jailed After Stalking Woman With Baseball Bats And Hammers For Months

Gary, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Zakia Brodnax, a 30-year-old Indiana woman was jailed after she allegedly stalked another woman relentlessly after the woman bumped into her at a night club.

According to police, the ordeal began when the victim bumped into Brodnax at a night club back in March. Brodnax retaliated by asking the woman to step outside for a fight.

The next day, according to police, the woman was driving with a friend when Brodnax cut her off with her Buick, stopping both cars. a moment later, Brodnax and another woman exited her vehicle and began running toward the victim's car with a baseball bat. The victim was able to back out of the road block and flee to safety.

Two days later, the victim was at her apartment when Brodnax pulled into the apartment's parking lot with another woman and parked near the victim's car. When the victim looked outside, she found Brodnax and the woman pointing at her vehicle and challenging her to a fight. When the woman ran down stairs to confront Brodnax, she and her friend had fled the scene.

The next day the victim was pulling into her apartment parking lot when she was suddenly confronted by Brodnax and 9 other women who surrounded her car.

The mob of women then began beating on the victim's car with bats and hammers. The victim told police she scraped Brodnax's car while trying to drive away.

When the victim tried to drive toward the apartment manager's office, Brodnax drover her vehicle into the driver's side of the victim's car.

Brodnax was booked into jail on charges of stalking and criminal recklessness.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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