August 11, 2011

Travis Keen To Police: "When I Come To Wal-Mart, I Get Aroused"

Monroe, LA (The Weekly Vice) - Travis Keen, a 28-year-old Louisiana man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly drove around a Wal-Mart parking lot with an exposed penis.

According to West Monroe police, officers were dispatched after receiving a witness report of a man driving around the Wal-Mart parking lot with his penis exposed.

Arriving officers spoke with the witness who stated that he saw a white male in a Ford Taurus drive past him with his penis exposed. The witness followed the man, now identified as Keen, around the parking lot for several minutes.

The witness went on to say Keen would drive through the parking lot until he saw a female that caught his attention. He would then stop and stare at the woman for several minutes.

As police were talking to the witness, they observed Keen's automobile, which was still driving around the parking lot.

When officers asked Keen what he was doing, Keen reportedly stated that he was trying to see if the power steering in his vehicle was working. When police told Keen that witnesses had observed him driving around with his penis exposed, Keen admitted to the allegations.

When officers asked Keen why anyone would do such an idiotic thing (paraphrased), Keen answered by stating that "when he comes to Wal-Mart, he gets aroused."

Keen was taken into custody and booked into jail on a charge of obscenity.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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