August 14, 2011

Timothy Gooden - Dad Catches Teen Daughter With Two Naked Teen Boys. Pulls Out A Gun And ...

Kent, Washington (The Weekly Vice) - Timothy Gooden, a 40-year-old Washington man was jailed after he found two naked boys with his teenage daughter and allegedly threatened them with a gun.

According to police, Gooden arrived home unexpectedly to find his daughter and two naked teenage boys inside his apartment.

Realizing that her father was home, the girl sent her boyfriend and his 16-year-old friend to hide in the bathroom.

Gooden, who suspected that his daughter had a friend inside the house, demanded to know where the friend was. That's when one of the boys emerged from the bathroom completely naked.

Investigators say Gooden pulled out a handgun, cocked it and pointed it at the boy stating "I know the gun laws and could shoot you right now for breaking and entering and I have every right now to blow your brains out."

Gooden forced both teens into the bedroom where he allegedly proceeded to hit, slap and punch them.

At some point Gooden noticed a second set of shoes and realized that there was a likely a second boy somewhere in the apartment. When the boy refused to come out of hiding, Gooden announced loudly that he planned to fire 4 bullets into every closet if the intruder refused to come out on their own.

Gooden reportedly searched the apartment and found the second boy hiding in the bath tub. He then allegedly punched the boy and then dragged him naked into the bedroom with the other two teens.

Over the next hour, according to police, Gooden slapped or punched his daughter 50 to 100 times, causing her face to become bruised and swollen.

At some point one of the boys received a text message from his father telling him it was time to come home. Gooden released that boy but kept the other two teens inside the bedroom.

When the released boy arrived home and told his father what had happened, the father called police and then went to Gooden's apartment to check on the other boy.

Gooden was booked into jail on charges of second-degree assault and fourth-degree domestic violence. He is scheduled to be arraigned on August 16.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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