August 10, 2011

Terence Giberson Was A 4-Year-Old Girl's Nightmare Come True

Los Angeles, California (The Weekly Vice) - Terence Giberson, a 52-year-old Redlands man was jailed after a missing girl was found stripped naked in his apartment.

According to police, the girl was playing outside her family's home Monday when she turned up missing that evening.

When her father went to look for her, he found her inside another man's apartment naked and banging on the window for help.

The father broke into Giberson's home, carried the girl out and then called 911. Neighbors gathered outside of Giberson's apartment as he locked himself in and refused to answer the door. Police broke down his door and found him naked inside the apartment.

was taken to the hospital for cuts to his arm... which is believed to have been a sham of a suicide attempt.

He was then booked into jail on charges of child molestation and kidnapping..

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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