August 14, 2011

Robert "Sandy" Vietze - No Apology For Urinating In Front Of Little Girl During JetBlue Flight

New York, New York (The Weekly Vice) - Robert "Sandy" Vietze, an 18-year-old champion skier from Warren, Vermont was ticketed Wednesday after he allegedly urinated on the floor in front of an 11-year-old girl during a JetBlue flight out of Portland.

According to the Port Authority Police Department, Vietze was aboard a JetBlue aircraft when he reportedly drank about 8 beers and became very intoxicated.

He then got up from his seat, and proceeded to urinate in another cabin nearby, where a young girl was sitting.

Vietze relieved himself next to the girl, the girl's father began to yell - which alerted the staff on the plane. Flight attendants had to break up a fight between the suspect and the child's father, who is a stage-four cancer patient.

Investigators say officers were waiting at the gate to question Vietze when he arrived at the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

He admitted that he was intoxicated and urinated in front of the girl, but refuses to apologize for it stating "I was drunk, I didn't realize what he was doing."

Veitze was returning to Vermont after a week of training with the U.S. Ski Team in Oregon. He has since been dismissed from the team in light of the allegations against him. He had hoped to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics before the incident took place.

Vietze was issued a summons on charges of indecent exposure. Federal prosecutors decided not to peruse the matter and the charges were dropped.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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