August 18, 2011

Pennie And Steven Lefkowitz Lived In A Litter Box

High Springs, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Pennie Lefkowitz, 59, and Steven Lefkowitz, 65, were jailed this week after they allegedly hoarded almost 700 cats. It's one of the largest cat hoarding cases in U.S. history.

According to prosecutors, what began as a well intentioned cat sanctuary grew out of control. And it continued to grow after that.

According to investigators, animal control workers removed 692 cats from Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary back in June. About 100 of those cats had to be put down. The remaining cats have been placed into a make-shift animal shelter where they are being treated, spayed or neutered.

Penny Lefkowitz told investigators that she didn't think she or her husband were hoarders. She said they were just trying to help out as many cats as possible.

"I was just tired of seeing so much euthanasia and wanted to know what we could do personally," said Mrs. Lefkowitz.

The couple was booked into jail on 47 counts of animal cruelty. 46 counts for the cats and one additional count for a rooster that was also recovered from the shelter.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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