August 01, 2011

Melissa Redmond Brought New Meaning To The Term Donut Hole

Rockaway, New Jersey (The Weekly Vice) - Melissa Redmond, a 29-year-old Dunkin' Donuts employee was jailed after she allegedly used her break times to solicit sex from customers.

According to Rockaway police, officers launched an investigation following a tip that a woman was using a Dunkin' Donuts restaurant to solicit prostitution.

Investigators set up a stake out near the store and watched as Redmond took several 10-15 minute breaks during her night shift. During her breaks, she would allegedly walk out to customer's cars, and provide a sex act in the store parking lot.

Investigators set up a sting, cleverly named "Operation Extra Sugar". During the sting, an officer dressed up as a regular "john", then went through the drive-thru and solicited sexual favors from Redmond.

She stated that if he wanted a good time he should call her, then gave him her phone number. She then came out the the parking lot and gave him a price list for her services. The officer then returned on a later occasion, where he was offered a lower price. He told her that he needed to go to an ATM machine and get more money. When he returned, he took her to the back of the building, where she was apprehended.

Redmond is facing prostitution charges. Neither she or anyone from the Dunkin Donuts that she worked at was willing to comment on the case.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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