August 16, 2011

Jose Jiminez-Alejo - Jailed After Luring Little Girls Into Apartment With Candy Bar, Licking One Of Them On The Lips

Naperville, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Jose Jiminez-Alejo, a 25-year-old Illinois man was jailed Sunday after he lured two underage girls into his apartment, gave them both a candy bar and then licked one girl on the lips.

According to police, Jimineze Alejo was sitting in a vehicle when he made contact with two young girls near his apartment.

Jiminez-Alejo then lured the two girls into his apartment, and then into his bedroom where he offered them each a candy bar. He then reportedly leaned over and licked one of the girls on the lips.

The two girls fled the apartment and relayed the incident to a parent who contacted police.

Jiminez-Alejo was booked into jail on charges of battery and child abduction.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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