August 25, 2011

Imagine Being The Driver Behind This Vehicle!

Richmond, British Columbia (The Weekly Vice) - A British Columbia man was forced by police to rethink his moving plans after he reportedly tried to transport a refrigerator in the trunk of his four-door sedan.

According to Richmond police, officers were called to a local parking lot, where they found a man attempting to load a full sized refrigerator into the trunk of a car.

The man used rope and the seatbelts from the vehicle in attempt to secure the fridge, which was in an upright position with one-third of it in the trunk, and the rest hanging off the edge of the bumper.

Investigators say after officers told the man that the refrigerator was unsafe for transport, he apologized, removed the fridge from the trunk, and arranged for another mode of transportation.

Officers encourage anyone who plans on transporting large items to please take the time and do it properly. Insecure loads have often caused accidents and injuries, and those mishaps can be prevented.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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