August 04, 2011

Gordon Flavia - Urine Trouble! Man Found Covered In Human Waste After Hiding From Police In Port-A-Pottie

Longview, Washington (The Weekly Vice) - Gordon Flavia, a 56-year-old Longview man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly ran into a carport with his vehicle, then hid in a port-a-potty, spreading human waste on himself so police dogs couldn't track his scent.

According to Longview police, Flavia was at a condominium complex in Longview when he reportedly got into his jeep, put it in reverse, and slammed into a carport belonging to the condominium building next door.

He knocked down the carport roof's large support beam, completely destroying it, then went through a wall of the building and stopped in a bathroom. No one was inside the residence at the time, but neighbors heard the collision.

Investigators say Flavia left his totaled jeep at the scene of the accident and fled on foot. Officers found him hiding in a nearby port-a-potty. Police noted that he was soaking wet, and emitting a foul odor. When detectives questioned him, he admitted that he had splashed himself with the contents of a bucket outside the port-a-potty in attempt to throw off the scent of the police dogs that he thought were after him.

Flavia was taken to St. John Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries caused by the accident. Officers believe alcohol may have been the cause of Flavia's outrageous behavior. He was administered a toxicology test, and may face DUI charges pending results. He also may be charged with hit and run.

Police believe alcohol was a factor in Flavia's activities.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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