August 25, 2011

Eric Fiegel Had Five Baby Albino Boa Constrictors In His Pants

Mesa, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) - Eric Fiegel, a 22-year-old Arizona man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly tried to steal several exotic reptiles (including albino boa constrictors) by placing him down his pants.

According to Mesa police, an investigation was launched after security cameras at Predator's Reptile Center caught Fiegel stealing baby boa constrictors from the store and then shoving then into his pants and pants pockets.

Investigators say Fiegel wandered around the store for about an hour with the snakes in his pants before leaving. He then reportedly returned to the same store later that evening to steal more snakes.

Fiegel reportedly took some of the snakes to another pet store where he sold them for $175 and a reptile tank worth $175. His identity was learned after a witness took down his license plate number following the second theft.

Fiegel was booked on several counts of theft

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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