August 14, 2011

Daniel Torroll - Music Teacher - Jailed After Police Find Him Having Sex With Blow Up Doll Under Bridge

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Spring Hill, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Daniel Torroll, a 56-year-old Spring Hill music teacher was jailed Thursday after police allegedly found him under a bridge at an elementary school having sex with a child-like blow up doll.

According to police, officers were dispatched after receiving a report of a suspicious male with a duffel bag under a bridge at Allendale Elementary School. The bridge reportedly provides a walkway to the school from a nearby road.

Investigators say an officer arrived to find Torroll performing sex acts on a child-like blow up doll. Police later discovered that Torrell had cut holes into the doll.

Torrell told police that he didn't know he was on school property and suffers from attention deficit disorder.

He was not booked into jail but was issued a citation for public indecency, according to police spokesperson, Marcus Albright.

Torrell is a private lesson music teacher and does not teach at Allendale Elementary School.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

It's a shame... Most of you probably don't know this, but I spent much of my youth organizing and playing in various rock bands. After checking into his school a little, I can honestly say I would have liked his approach to music teaching. It was very hands on and collaborative, the way a school of that kind should be.

Either way, it's all irrelevant now.

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