August 25, 2011

CPS Safety Monitor, Convicted Felon Boyfriend Jailed After Baby Shows Up At Hospital With 14 Broken Bones

Chandler, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) - Angelica Jimenez, a 25-year-old Child Protective Services safety monitor and her boyfriend, 30-year-old Steven Saldana were jailed Tuesday after the baby Jimenez agreed to protect showed up at the hospital with 14 broken bones.

According to Chandler police, officers arrested Melissa Chambers and ex-convict Travis Darrah on suspicion of child abuse after conducting a month-long investigation. Child Protective Services placed the child with Angelica Jimenez as a safety monitor during the proceedings of the child abuse case.

Authorities were called again Tuesday when the same 4-month-old child arrived at the emergency room unable to breath.

After the baby was resuscitated, medical personnel discovered that the little girl was also suffering from 14 broken bones, multiple bruises and a cigarette burn.

Investigators say Jimenez lied to Child Protective Services about her living arrangements when they initially placed the infant in her care. CPS agents would not have placed the child in Jimenez' care, had they known she was living with Saldana, a convicted felon with a long criminal history.

Police believe Saldana began abusing the baby on July 31 and then returned on August 2 to continue with the abuse. Jimenez allegedly failed to report the abuse.

Saldana was booked into jail on three counts of child abuse. Jimenez was booked into jail on charges of hindering prosecution and child abuse.

The child has since been placed into protective custody. (again).

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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