August 04, 2011

Cinderella And Dustin Clever - Charged With Punishing Boy By Placing Clothes Pin On Gentials

Tuscumbia, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - Cinderella Clever, 31, and Dustin Clever, 30 were jailed on torture charges after they allegedly punished their 5-year-old son by placing a clothes pin on his genitals.

According to the Colbert County Sheriff's Office, the couple was having a party in their home when Cinderella saw the boy dancing with his sister in what she deemed an inappropriate manner. As punishment, she attached a clothes pin to his genitals and forced him to sit in a corner.

"The father came in, saw what was happening and started laughing, and then just went on about his business," said Colbert County Sheriff, Ronnie May.

An investigation was launched after someone from the party who witnessed the incident contacted the Department of Human Resources.

Mr. and Mrs Clever was booked into jail on charges of torture and willful abuse of a child.

The boy has been placed into protective custody along with two other siblings.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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