August 22, 2011

Ana Martinez-Mejia - Jailed After Holding Son's Hand To Heated Tortilla Pan As Punishment. Boy Suffers Second-Degree Burns

Houston, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Ana Martinez-Mejia, a 29-year-old Texas woman was jailed after she allegedly punished her 8-year-old son by holding his hand to heated tortilla pan.

According to Houston police, Martinez-Mejia became angry when her 8-year-old son ate some candy that didn't belong to him.

In retaliation, Martinez-Mejia allegedly held the boy's hand to a heated tortilla pan, causing second-degree burns to the child's hand.

Investigators say Martinez-Mejia didn't seek medical attention for the injured boy's hand, but instead used mustard and ice to treat the burn. Martinez-Mejia told detectives that she later bought burn creme and used that on the boy's hand over a two-week period.

Martinez-Mejia was booked into jail on a charge of injury to a child. Her bond was set at $35,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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