July 06, 2011

Teen Girl Jailed After Chasing Younger Brother Up Tree With Axe, Attempting To Chop Tree Down As He Screamed

Spanaway, WA (The Weekly Vice) - An unidentified 17-year-old Washington girl was jailed Monday after she allegedly chased her younger brother up a tree with an axe and then attempted to chop the tree down as her brother screeched in horror.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched when a neighbor heard the screaming and called for help.

Deputies arrived to find a tree that appeared to have at least 40 hack marks in its trunk up to seven feet high from its base.

While deputies were examining the tree, a crying boy appeared in the yard that matched the description that had been given to them by the anonymous caller.

The boy appeared "sheepish and afraid" to the officers, and when deputies attempted to talk to him, he continued to look back at a girl who matched the description that was also given to them by the caller.

When deputies asked the girl what was going on, the girl didn't answer, but continued to stare at them.

Investigators say deputies attempted several times to communicate with the girl, but the only response they got from her was a smug look. When the deputies asked why she had a bad attitude, she responded that it was the deputies who had a bad attitude.

Deputies followed the boy into the family's garage, at which point the boy's parents entered the garage. When the father attempted to close the garage door, the officer asked him to leave it open. When the father ignored their request and close the door anyway, deputies took him into custody.

In the commotion, the teen girl began to swear at the deputies while digging her nails into a deputies arm, and scratching him. The girl then fell on her butt and began to kick at deputies while on her back.

When deputies finally had the girl subdued, she refused to stand up - allowing her body to go limp so deputies would have to carry her to the patrol car.

With both father and daughter successfully apprehended, deputies tried to speak with the boy's mother, who admitted the girl had chased her brother up a tree with a double headed axe before attempting to chop the tree down.

"The two play like that all the time," the mother told deputies.

Deputies recovered the axe and took the teen girl to Remann Hall in Tacoma.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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