July 19, 2011

Son Attempts To Murder Mother By Dive-Bombing Her House With Airplane, Kills Himself Instead

Oberhalluau, Switzerland (The Weekly Vice) - Konrad Schmidt, a 47-year-old Swiss man found a unique way to end his life. By renting an airplane and then attempting to kill his mother by dive bombing her home.

According to Swiss police, Schmidt rented a single-engine airplane on July 16th, took off and then flew towards his mother's home in Oberhalluau. Schmidt then called his mother from the cockpit of the aircraft and asked "are you home mum? I'm just about to drop in."

Schmidt then flew past the home three times before crashing into it. Although the house was largely destroyed by the impact, the mother miraculously survived because she was in the basement at the time.

Rescue crews pulled her to safety and doused out flames that had quickly destroyed much of the home's interior.

Investigators say Schmidt and his mother, Rosemary, had been feuding ever since she and his father divorced. Things worsened when when his father died of cancer soon afterwards.

Schmidt's mother said her son blamed her for the divorce and has been suffering from depression.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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