July 06, 2011

Robert Guyer, Chrystal Plesniak - Charged With Locking Little Boy In Room For Two Months, Beating Him When He Defecated On Floor

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Munhall, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Robert Guyer, 23, and Chrystal Plesniak, 23, were arrested last week after they allegedly locked a 6-year-old boy in a room for two months and then repeatedly beat him with a belt when he defecated on the floor.

According to police, Guyer and Plesniak confined a boy to a room nearly 100% of the time for a period of two months after the boy had a couple of toilet training accidents in their home.

Investigators say the boy was only allowed to leave the room for bathroom breaks, but was otherwise forced to live isolated inside the room.

The situation began to surface when the boy's grandmother discovered bruises and welts on his body and took him to a hospital for examination.

According to the criminal complain, Guyer repeatedly struck the boy with a belt when he defecated on the bedroom floor because "he couldn't hold it any more."

Investigators say the boy was taken to Children's Hospital where he told a specialist that he stayed in his room "forever. I never come out."

The boy went on to say that he was beaten with a belt by Guyer and struck on the nose by his mother, Plesniak, "so he wouldn't get into stuff."

When asked if he was ever let out to eat, the boy stated "If I knock on the door to get Mom, she lets me go to the bathroom, but I can't drink any water."

Mr. Guyer's attorney, Michael Waltman, was dismissive about the boy's story - stating "there's no evidence to substantiate the boy's claims - and he suffered no abuse."

Guyer's attorney went on to blame the boy for the situation, stating "It would appear to me that he has some sort of behavior conditions."

Family members say Guyer is not the boy's biological father and that the boy's real father died several years ago. The couple also has a 7-month-old son who is now staying with relatives.

Guyer and Plesniak were booked into the Allegheny County Jail on charges of false imprisonment, aggravated assault, conspiracy and child endangerment. The couple waived preliminary hearings and were released Wednesday afternoon.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Well how do you like them apples folks? A little boy is taken from this couple's house with bruises and welts all over his body - and listen to what the resident penis has to say through his attorney.

"There was no abuse and the kid must have some kind of emotional problem."

Michael Waltman - jackass attorney at law - It's good to hear you shooting off that mouth of yours while most of the country is down to its very last nerve when it comes to child abusing parents.

I think that this is a great time for a cock-assed attorney such as yourself to start pushing buttons, when no one is in the mood to hear it.

You could have saved the legal banter for the courtroom. It's a friggen six-year-old boy we're dealing with after all. But no.... You had to go on and open that rat trap of yours and show yourself for what you are. A lawyer for an alleged child abuser.

Yes, Michael Waltman.... let's hear some more of your brilliant legal speak. I challenge you to run your mouth as often as possible during this case. I dare you. I double-dog dare you. Let's both find out together what a jury thinks about your brilliant theory of where this boy's welts and bruises came from if he was confined to a room.

Let's test the waters, shall we?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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