July 27, 2011

Principal And Teacher Arrested - Charged With Filling School With Enough Meth, Authorities Had To Close It Down

Charleston, West Virginia (The Weekly Vice) - A West Virginia public school has been shut down and two teachers have been arrested after authorities discovered trace amounts of meth distributed throughout the school building - even in the ducts, principal's office, hallways and bathrooms.

Jack Turley, a teacher, and Keith Phipps, a principal, were charged with contaminating the building with enough meth to shut it down until further notice.

According to West Virginia state police, Turley and Phipps were under investigation this spring when officers found traces of meth in the ducts, the principal's office, the hallways, and the bathrooms at the Boone County Career and Technical Center. The drug traces were discovered through testing by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

Investigators say Turley admitted that he had smoked methamphetamine with Phipps in the principal's office. The school is closed until a decontamination process can be completed. Officers do not believe the drug was manufactured at the school. Both suspects were suspended from their positions pending the final outcome of the investigation.

Turley was booked into jail and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and procuring Sudafed for producing methamphetamine.

Phipps was booked into charged with purchasing over the legal limit of Sudafed.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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