July 13, 2011

Michelle Kalina, Woman Charged With Murdering Five Newborn Babies From Extramarital Affair, Found Competent To Stand Trial

Reading, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Michele Kalina, the 45-year-old Pennsylvania woman accused of killing five newborns conceived through extra-marital affairs has been found mentally competent to stand trial.

A Berks County judge ordered Kalina competent to stand trial for murder Wednesday after the completion of psychological testing.

Kalina, a married woman who worked as a nurse's aid, was charged with homicide last October after detectives found five sets of infant remains in her apartment.

Investigators say conceived the infants through an affair with a co-worker who was unaware of the pregnancies. She also reportedly had a daughter by him that was given up for adoption.

An investigation was launched after Kalina's daughter found the infants' remains hidden in a closet at the couple's apartment. Three of the infants were encased in a bag filled with cement while two other infants were found stuffed in a cooler.

Investigators believe that at least four of the infants were born alive and were likely killed by smothering, poisoning or malnourishment.

Kalina reportedly told her husband and daughter to stay out of her closet. The daughter's curiosity led her into the closet, where the grisly discovery was made.

Although Kalina's husband suspected that she was pregnant, Kalina reportedly covered up the pregnancies by insisting she had health issues.

Kalina had two children with her husband. One child, who was born with cerebral palsy reportedly died of natural causes a decade ago.

With the issue of mental competency out of the way, Kalina's attorney told the court Wednesday to expect his client to enter a guilty plea at a hearing that has been scheduled for next month.

Kalina faces a long list of charges ranging from homicide and aggravated assault to abuse of a corpse.

Her husband and daughter did not attending her Wednesday hearing.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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